How To Deal With Foolish Clients At Work

We have all dealt with those people at work who are just foolish. Sometimes it really gets to us, and it’s important to know how to handle the situation in the most professional way while also standing your ground. Use these tips in your next conflict with that stubborn and demanding client we have all experienced.

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Stay Calm

Even if you are really angry deep down, never confront your client with anger or aggression. It’s important to stay calm and breathe. It is much better to not say anything and stay calm instead of interrupting your client and raising your voice or tone.


Listen to what they have to say. They may be demanding and angry, but that doesn’t mean you have to be. Listening and taking notes on what they are saying if it’s over the phone, or printing out an email will help you really understand what they are feeling. Some clients are completely foolish and it’s hard to fully listen, but try your best.

Prep your response

As you are listening to your client and taking note of what they are saying, prep your response. Take notes on what you plan on saying next without interrupting them. Look back at previous contracts or emails that will show evidence of the situation. In this step, STAY CONFIDENT. Stay strong in your response and what you are trying to tell them. Avoid words that will drag you down the rabbit hole to second guessing yourself. If you don’t have a response at that time, it is okay to let them know that you will meet with your team and get back to them shortly. In order to prep your response, you may want to ask yourself ‘why’ five times.

Figure out next steps

Foolish people and foolish clients may go on and on about something that they won’t take responsibility for. It’s your turn now to initiate next steps and find a solution. Figure out what you need to do and what they need to do. This will ensure the ball stays rolling and you get to the solution sooner than later. In certain situations, it may be smart to cut off relations with this client if it’s getting too out of hand.

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Ask your team

Sometimes its best to step away from the situation for a bit to relax and truly review the situation so you can be your best self when trying to solve the issue. Some people will never change, so it’s your responsibility to learn from the situation and help yourself become better. However, you should never be afraid of asking your team for help, advice, or to help take over some responsibility if it’s becoming too much for you and your mental health. Your team will always be there for you.

For more information on strategies for dealing with difficult clients, check out this article here. Even if you haven’t come across dealing with foolish or frustrating people, you most likely will at some point in your career. Prepare yourself now!

When was the last time you dealt with a foolish client? Share your experience below and tell us a little bit about how you learned from that situation. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Alex Harker says:


    Great post. I believe that everyone has to deal with hard clients at work, these are great tips to dealing with them!


  2. Pamela Rubio says:

    Great Tips! I especially liked, “Some people will never change, so it’s your responsibility to learn from the situation and help yourself become better.”


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