Resilience In Leadership

What comes to mind when you think of resilience? Resilience can be different for everyone, but leaders should constantly practice resilience in their day to day careers. Building leadership resilience is difficult, but below are a few ways in which you can build resilience in your leadership role.

Re-evaluate the Situation

Whenever you are in a crisis or tough situation, it’s important to always re-evaluate and really try to rethink the situation. Find out the reasons why this is happening and assess the factors that are causing this crisis. If you take the time to yourself to really draw out and piece together all parts of the issue, you will be able to be more proactive in solving the issue, and helping guide your team to solve it with you.

When re-evaluating and thinking about the possibilities to solve the crisis, ensure you are taking care of yourself in the meantime. It’s important to take breaks and not overwhelm yourself to the point where you aren’t productive. Ask for help if needed.

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Continue to Learn

None of us are born leaders, and it takes a lot of time to strengthen resilience. However, to strengthen resilience in yourself as a leader and to overcome challenges, you must continue to learn. There is no stopping point to learning and as you continue to want to learn, your resilience in leadership will strengthen too.

To learn more about continuing to learn, check out the book ‘Never Stop Learning’ by Bradley Staats. This may help you to hone in on your learning and resilience in your leadership roles.

Have a Purpose

If you want to be resilient, you must be purpose driven and you must have a growth mindset. These are two very important pieces to building resilience in leadership and it just takes a shift on a different perspective. Instead of seeing failure as a way to describe yourself or the situation, take it as an opportunity for growth and accept new challenges. This will help you be resilient in each challenge you take on.

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Consider practicing resilience on a daily basis. Take on challenges with the perspective of wanting to overcome them and create change. Being resilient is a positive characteristic and value that many leaders thrive off of. But in order to be resilient, you must believe in yourself and your abilities as a leader. Check out more information here on resilient leadership and how to become more of a resilient leader.

How do you plan on practicing resilience in leadership? Share your experiences below. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great article! Resilience is important, especially during tough situations where all team members turn to leaders for guidance.
    I like how you clearly break down all of the steps required to develop resilience in a leadership role.


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