Ask Yourself ‘Why’ 5 Times

Have you ever been in a situation where you just don’t know why something happened and you end up pointing fingers at others? We have all been there, and it’s important to understand that that’s not the best way to solve conflict or jump to the issue. Asking yourself ‘why’ five times will help you become a better leader.

Why did this happen? Because of this… and why did that happen? Because of this… and so on. Practicing this exercise every day in any situation can help you become a better leader both personally and professionally.

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Learning how to ask yourself ‘why’ multiple times will help you in the process of taking accountability and holding yourself, and your team accountable. One ‘why’ may not be enough in solving the underlying issue. Accountability is an extremely important trait as a leader and when you are practicing accountability, your team will follow. Not only will this help you find the underlying issue, but it will help the success of the company.

Stay Grounded

When practicing this ‘why’ exercise, make sure you are staying grounded in your answers. Really thinking about the reason why something is occurring instead of providing surface level answers will eventually lead you to the root of the problem. This will also allow you and your team in the rethinking process. Check out my blog here about why rethinking is important in every day lives.

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Create a Routine

In order to be a better leader, make this exercise your daily routine. This is true for everyone in every role. Doing this activity every day should also align with your values and your values should align with this routine. Don’t just do this to do it, make sure you are intentional about your ‘whys’ — it will make a huge difference in your personal life and professional career. Check out more here about why this exercise can change your life.

When was the last time you asked yourself ‘why’? Try it during your next meeting or when you are facing your next conflict. Comment below on your experience! Thank you for reading.

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