How to Turn Failure into Success

It’s hard recognizing failures, and sometimes it tears us down to think we aren’t good enough. Failures are hard to confront, but it’s important to recognize failures because believe it or not, they can turn into success.

Confronting failures and talking about failures after they happen can create opportunities that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Think about a time when you failed. How did you change? What did you do? What did your manager or leader do? Read more to find out how you, as a leader, can help yourself and your team turn failures into successes.

Confront the Issue

What is the underlying issue? Don’t point fingers, but take ownership and really try to understand why the issue or situation happened in the first place. Always ask yourself “why” five times when confronting the issue. This will eventually help you lead to the conclusion; however, try not to blame others and try to see how YOU can find the underlying issue.

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Don’t Problem Solve

Although problem solving in the moment can be beneficial, it’s not always the best outcome in every situation. You really want to understand the why behind the issue and connect to the underlying factors. This is called transformational change. You want to be able to transform the process or situation so that it never happens again.

I would recommend reading more about transformational change here.

Grow from it

Many people say — you live and you learn! In some cases, that is true and you can’t control anything not in your control. Many failures are not in your control and it’s important to take the situation and grow from it. This will only help you and your endeavors in the future, both professionally and personally. As a leader, it’s important to continue to grow and learn from your employees as well while encouraging them to do the same.

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Check out this article from Forbes for more tips on turning failures into successes. What will you do the next time you fail or your team fails? How have you learned from your previous experiences? Share your thoughts below! Thanks for reading.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Alex Harker says:


    Loved the post! It is important to take ownership rather than pointing the finger at someone else. Also love what you have done with your website as well.


  2. Jack Wehbe says:

    Great post Emma! I like how you talked about transformational change – it is important to not just “put a band aid” over a problem and address the root issue.


  3. Oscar Loyd says:

    Could not have put it better myself. We ALL must fail to grow. We need to stop seeing failure as a negative thing. Rather, it should be celebrated that we took a risk and got back up when we fell. Failure is all part of our development as people and as a business. Great post!


  4. Emma, awesome post. The biggest thing you can do with failure is accept responsibility and learn from it. There is a lesson in everything!


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