Why a Flexible Workplace is Important for Your Employees

According to an article from CNBC, of the 50% employed Americans that are looking for a career change, 41% of those people are looking for flexible and/or remote work. We are now seeing a large increase in the amount of businesses who are offering more of a flexible schedule for their employees. After the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders have had to adapt to ensure their employees are happy while also seeking success for the company.

Reduces Stress

Offering your employees a flexible work schedule can help in reducing stress and increasing productivity. If your employees have the option to work from home or work somewhere other than the typical work environment, their stress tends to decrease. Less stress can lead to increased productivity because they feel more motivated and passionate about the work they are doing. Most importantly, if your employees are less stressed, they will most likely be happier.

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Higher Job Satisfaction

Employees never want to feel trapped or stuck in their jobs. Although a ‘work-life balance’ is important, nowadays we are seeing higher job satisfaction with allowing employees a flexible work schedule. If you employees feel they have a say in their schedule and capabilities, they will most likely be happier and more satisfied in their position. In the long run, this will prevent turnover and employee retention will increase.

Saving Money & Helping the Environment

Many people travel long distances to get to work, whether they drive or take the bus, getting to work can take time. Think about the time it takes for your employees to get to work and the money they may spend on getting to work. Now think about the benefits of offering flexible work and having your employees work remotely during the time that otherwise they would be driving or getting to work.

Not only will this help your employees save money, but it will also help the company save on overhead costs of running their business. This doesn’t mean your employees need to work fully remote, but maybe try starting with a hybrid model and having them work from home 1-2 days a week.

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Check out this blog to read more about the benefits of allowing employees a flexible work environment.

As a leader, how would you create a flexible work environment for your employees? What has been most beneficial for you your day to day work life? Thanks for reading.

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma, awesome blog! I believe work life balance is one of the most beneficial things you can offer an employee. When people know you care about them on a more human level, it creates an environment suitable for productivity and positivity.


    1. Emma Condon says:

      Hi Ethan, thank you for your feedback! It most definitely creates an environment full of productivity and positivity. I hope we can give that to our employees someday as leaders.


  2. Kevin Laster says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the “stress” related comment. If you take out a lot of the thorny undesirable attributes of going to the office, then the worker will have more mental capacity to tackle more, and be more productive!


    1. Emma Condon says:

      Hi Kevin, I completely agree. And being more productive will then wrap around and lead to less stress. It seems like a never ending circle — in a positive way! Thank you for your comment.


  3. Pamela Rubio says:

    As a person who now works from home, I love it! I connected with all of the information on this article. My only issue disconnecting from work.


    1. Emma Condon says:

      Hello Pamela, thank you for your comment! It can definitely apply to those who work from home. I understand though it can definitely be hard disconnecting from work if you are working from home.


  4. jessievduran says:

    I agree that one’s work environment can determine their happiness and satisfaction within their company! Great read and keep it up!!


    1. Emma Condon says:

      Hello Jessie. Thank you for your comment, I am glad you enjoyed this article!


  5. dkassisieh says:

    Hi Emma, I enjoyed this post and think that flexibility adds happiness to the employee and from there happiness improves the quality of work outputted by the employee.


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