5 Team Building Ideas That Every Leader Should Consider

Team building can be fun, especially when you have the whole team involved. Some people think team building can be boring, but team building actually helps to improve a variety of skills that you and your employees use on a daily basis!

Team building activities can help in business development and leadership because it allows your team to feel like they are involved and appreciated. You can find out more here about the different types of team building you want to incorporate at work.

Here are just a few team building ideas leaders should consider when interacting with their team:

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1. Office Trivia

Playing office trivia is not only helpful in allowing your employees to find out more about your company, but it can be useful in various instances where your employees are talking about the company outside of work. Employees then will have the correct information and be able to effectively tell others what is so great about that company! This game also helps in team bonding and creating professional relationships with each employee.

2. Community Service Opportunities

There are plenty of community service opportunities around your local town. No matter where you are or what season it is, there is always something you and your team can do to help the community. Maybe it’s giving bags of food to the homeless, or picking up trash around town. As a leader, you are not only helping the community but also helping your team to grow all at the same time. It’s also important to get out of the office sometimes and enjoy a change of scenery!

3. Charades

Playing charades can be fun! This will really ensure that you and your team are stepping out of your comfort zone and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Some situations at work can be uncomfortable, so playing charades and expressing yourself can help you and your employees to build camaraderie.

Photo by Askar Abayev on Pexels.com

4. Human Knot

This activity calls for you and your employees to get very close to one another (literally). This game can be helpful for your team to learn problem solving skills and communication. It can be tricky, but it’s a fun way to learn about one another and everyone’s communication styles without being in the office. To make it even more fun — add a time limit!

5. Two Truths and A Lie

This game is a great for building trust and really getting to know one another. We often step into a role and talk business for a long time before feeling comfortable enough to share about our personal life. Sharing personal life experiences is extremely important when being at work and it’s crucial to be yourself while also being professional in your work environment. You might be very surprised about some of your employees based on what they have experienced in their lifetime. Get to know one another, it will be worth it.

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What types of team building activities have you participated in? Would you suggest any others? Please comment below and tell us what was most beneficial for you and your team! Thanks for reading.

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  1. Kevin Laster says:

    I think it’s really smart to have activities in there for both in person as well as a few remote activities, such as office trivia and charades. I think it’s important to be able to step outside your comfort zone, allowing that vulnerability to bring you closer to people.


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